Book review–My Wife’s a Bitch

You all know I started my own blog about the prizes and perils of stepmommy-hood. While browsing for similar bloggers who could share in my joys and pain, I happened across the B(itch) Log. I was immediately hooked—who doesn’t love a snarky, hilarious blogger? So I followed her!

Needless to say, when I was presented with the opportunity to review one of her books, I jumped on it! I opened My Wife’s A Bitch as soon as soon as I received it in the mail, and was NOT disappointed! This book is filled with the same sarcasm and hilarity that I’ve come to expect from her blog—she says the things that many people are afraid to say, often making you see things in a different light. One of my favorite posts was about her zoo trips—I was laughing to myself and nodding my head the whole way through!

All in all, the book was a pretty good read. My Wife’s A Bitch (as well as the entries on the blog) personally made me feel better about being, well, a bitch. Sometimes you just can’t be the nice guy—sometimes you have to put your foot down, stand up for yourself, and if there are a few tears and tantrums because of it, so be it.

I’d recommend this book to anyone, whether they’re a bitch, an angel, a mom, a dad, or a cat lady. If it doesn’t give you a new perspective on things, at the very least it will give you some laughs!

You can check out the blog HERE, and buy the book HERE.


One thought on “Book review–My Wife’s a Bitch

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